At Barker Poland, we firmly believe that investment management should be a core aspect of your financial planning to build your wealth long term.

Our aim is to increase the value of your assets, whilst also being mindful of the amount of risk that you as an individuals may wish to take.

We cover all the basics of investment management, including cash, shares, property and bonds, and can then select the best investments available for these across all markets. Our team can offer investment advice on a discretionary, advisory and on-request basis. We do this by adapting our investment approach to best fit our clients’ unique requirements.

Our team of advisors will work closely with you to assist in the management of your investments throughout your time with us. This means that we are able to offer tailored advice consistently.

Maintaining close ongoing relationships also means that our financial advisers are readily available to amend or develop your financial plan according to any external or internal changes. External changes will largely include the evolving economic environment, and internal changes will include any unique changes that effect you the individual.

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Why we are different

Since our establishment forty years ago in 1977, we have continued to provide high-quality financial planning and investment management service to our clients by utilising our collective fifty years’ experience in the financial industry.  

At Barker Poland we implement a blended approach when it comes to investment management. This is due to the fact that both passive and active funds have different pro’s and con’s depending on your unique situation. Consequently we use this blended approach to achieve the best outcome for our clients as it means we are able to offer lower cost portfolios. Despite this, if you would prefer a passive only or active only approach, we are able to adhere to your needs.

We take a holistic approach to our financial planning and investment management, meaning that we consider many different variables when considering which advice to give our clients. This approach is complemented by the long lasting relationships that we develop with our clients.

We implement a three stage approach after welcoming a new client to Barker Poland.

  • The first stage consists of scoping out the individuals’ current financial situation and requirements, and understanding what their goals and objectives are.
  • Secondly, we present the individual with a proposed plan detailing our objectives, our recommended investment approach and tax wrappers. It is within this second stage that we will detail our recommendation and plan for the individual’s investment management.
  • The final stage is where we will implement the plan after having it approved in stage two. Our financial advisors will continue to provide financial advice beyond the implementation of the plan, and will monitor the success of the plan and recommend amendments accordingly.

Our Investment Management Approach

We will offer you an initial free consultation during which we will gain a brief an understanding of your current financial situation and objectives, and the type of service that will be best for you.

 If you have any further questions regarding our investment management, or want to organise a free initial consultation, contact us via email at, fill out an online contact form here, or alternatively, visit our London office.