We have different levels of fees designed to accommodate various levels of service that our clients may require.

There is no fee for the initial meeting and proposal letter. Implementation and ongoing fees are then typically as follows.

Set up fees

We may charge a time costed fee to implement the agreed strategy and this will be quoted in the proposal letter. Fees are charged at £250/hr adviser, £125/hr technician, £75/hr dealing/administration.

Any applicable fee will therefore be dependent on the amount of time required to do the work. We will always provide an estimate of costs and will not charge a fee until an agreement has been reached.

We will work within the constraints of a fixed fee agreement if this is your preferred option.


Once the financial plan is in place, clients then need to decide how much on-going input they require from us in relation to managing their affairs.

Some clients may be happy to manage their investments themselves on a DIY basis, having only the occasional need for guidance, whilst others may prefer having the peace of mind that their investments are being looked after and managed for them.

Our ongoing fee will cover both the cost of investment management and financial planning advice and we have set our fees up this way to make them simple and understandable.

Our standard ongoing fees are charged as follows:

  • On request: Time charged when advice is required
  • Advisory investment management and financial planning: 1% per annum of assets advised upon
  • Discretionary investment management and financial planning: 0.5% – 1% per annum of assets managed

These fees incur VAT.

Other fees

There are other parties involved in the management of your assets.

We use a custodian to hold client assets electronically and the platform fee is 0.156% per annum of the assets held on platform.  This fee covers all dealing costs and allows us to buy investments at discounted fee rates.

When we use investment funds they have their own separate charges and these range from c. 0.1% to 1% per annum depending on the Fund used.  The average will vary depending upon the portfolio used and aggregate charges on our portfolios (which are a mixture of Equities, Fixed Interest, Commercial Property and Alternatives) are typically in the region of 0.6% per annum when a blend of Active and Passive Funds is used, and c.0.2% per annum when only Passive Funds are used.

In addition, there can sometimes be administration fees charged by the tax wrapper providers and these are usually a relatively small fixed fee per annum, depending on the type of wrapper used (e.g. SIPPs and Offshore Bonds).

Total annual charges typically range from c. 0.35% to 2% per annum and is very much dependent on the investment strategy chosen, the service level and tax wrappers used.

This means that the total cost of the “city machine” will typically be in the region of £350- £2,000 per annum for a £100,000 investment.