It is our belief that everyone should have a solid financial plan in place, designed to meet their goals as they pass through different life stages and to help them cope financially, whatever life may bring.

We offer financial planning advice across a wide range of areas, which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Pensions – pre and post retirement planning, consolidation, annuities, Flexible Drawdown
  • ISAs
  • Directly held investments/ General Investment Accounts
  • Lump sum investments
  • Cash holdings / national savings
  • Portfolio construction/review
  • Wealth protection
  • Insurances
  • Next generation/ Inheritance Tax/estate planning

We will tailor a program for each client which reflects their unique requirements. The hallmark of this approach is the holistic view we take towards both financial planning and investment management.

We have a three phase approach:

Phase 1

Our initial meeting will involve understanding your current personal and financial situation and we do this by gathering information on your family, financial assets, liabilities, income, and expenditure. The more information you provide, the better we are able to advise you. This process will help us to really understand what it is you would like to achieve. Typical examples are:

  • To build up a fund to live off post work.
  • To make savings for a specific purpose – house purchase, school fees, etc.
  • To sort out pension arrangements.
  • To look after the family in the event of illness or death.
  • To reduce inheritance tax on death.
  • Structure finances in a more tax efficient way.

If you wish to build up savings or investments, we will help you establish a target fund. We will then consider the returns required to achieve your goal and work out whether this is a realistic target given your investment timeframe, the amount of money being invested and your attitude to investment risk.

Phase 2

We will prepare a written proposal which will set out how we think you can achieve your goals and this will cover:

  • Your objective(s)
  • The  investment approach
  • The appropriate tax wrappers – Pensions, ISAs, General Investment Accounts, Offshore Bonds, etc

We use this as a basis for a second discussion and then tailor the plan and our service to your requirements.

We are not interested in selling you a financial product just for the sake of it, if we don’t think we can help you achieve your goals, we will tell you.

Phase 3

If you are comfortable with our proposals, we can then begin to implement the agreed actions and provide ongoing input as required.

Please note that this is an outline of our financial planning process and should not be taken as a recommendation. You should not take any action without seeking advice in relation to your personal circumstances. Tax rules are subject to change.