Here at Barker Poland we help our clients to achieve their financial goals and to assist in the management of their financial assets.

We firmly believe that everyone should have a solid financial plan, with clear and distinct goals. This plan will adapt according to external factors in the financial environment and internal changes within your personal lives.

As you go through life your circumstances often change. However, we are here to provide consistent advice throughout to aid you in achieving your financial goals. These goals could be anything from putting money aside for future events, protecting your family or planning for your retirement.

Our financial plans cover a wide range of areas including pensions, ISA’s, direct held and lump sum investments, cash holdings, portfolio construction, wealth protection, insurance and estate planning.

We tailor each of our financial plans to our clients’ unique needs and take a holistic approach to financial planning.

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Why we are different

Established in 1977, Barker Poland is a team of professional financial planners and wealth managers that aims to provide our clients with high quality advice on all financial matters.

Our financial advisers have a considerable depth of experience and a focus on developing long-standing relationships with our clients; then we work continuously to keep things as simple and mindful as possible for our clients’ individual requirements. Our financial advisers have been a part of Barker Poland for a substantial amount of time, ranging from five to twenty-one years.

We use a three phase approach to financial planning

  • Phase One; Is to listen to you so that we can understand of your current financial situation, so that we are able to define your life goals. We can then create a long term financial plan that meets your current lifestyle and future plans.
  • The second phase is where we set out a proposal consisting of your objectives, the investment approach we will take and the appropriate tax wrappers that we will suggest.
  • Phase Three; once you are comfortable with the proposed financial plan from phase two, we will then proceed to implement the actions suggested and begin to provide our ongoing recommendations and advice.

After on-boarding a client we then implement an ongoing process whereby we assess your financial situation, formulate and implement a plan, and reassess your financial situation afterwards to maintain a high level of quality advice.

Our Financial Planning Approach

We offer a free initial consultation to understand your financial needs and to establish what we need to offer you. We operate on an advisory and discretionary basis. Since our establishment, we have continued to provide high-quality, expert advice to individuals.

If you are keen to see how our services can help your future, visit us, e-mail us at or contact us online here.

We Are Here To Help You Achieve Your Goals.

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